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Cornell Classes Using Piazza

358 Instructors and 6492 Students at Cornell use Piazza in 365 Classes

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Professors ♥ Piazza

358 Instructors and 6492 Students at Cornell use Piazza in 365 Classes

Michael ThompsonMS&E, Cornell

Piazza is an extremely effective and efficient means to help students with tough course material.  I have been using it only for this semester, but I am certain to use it in all of my future classes.  Features that I believe are invaluable: (1) Ability to write equations with pure TeX constructs.  I teach thermodynamics where everything is in complex equations and no way can I deal with equation editors :-) (2) E-mail notification of questions that have been posted, both to the instructor and students.  I get e-mails immediately and know that there is a question to be answered. (3) Follow-up capability is great. (4) Ability for students to respond. Survey of students has been very positive as well. Overall very nice product and I've been most pleased with it.

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David BindelComputer Science, Cornell

I have very much appreciated Piazza this semester in my parallel scientific computing class. This is a smaller class (41 students in the final tally), but even so, the students have often been good about answering each other's questions before I get to them. I plan to use the system again next semester when I teach the introductory scientific computing class.

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Steve MarschnerComputer Science, Cornell

Piazza has really changed the way discussion works in the class; there are *many* more questions being asked which can only be a good thing. Piazza makes it easy for us to answer them promptly while only answering once. I love the "someone else is editing this answer right now" feature, which has saved me hours of time I would have wasted answering questions at the same time as my co-instructor.

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Bernhard HaslhoferComputer Science, Cornell

We really enjoyed using Piazza for our course this year. It is simple and fulfills its purpose without the feature-overload other eLearning platforms come with. I especially liked the "instructor thinks that this is a good question/answer" feature, because it encourages students to contribute to class discussions.

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Piazza Compared to Blackboard

5050 Professors at 52 Schools with Blackboard prefer Piazza

Pooja Sankar
Piazza Founder & CEO
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Compared to Blackboard, Piazza...
  • Eliminates student emails
  • Unlocks true collaboration
  • Provides a single answer
  • Integrates course pages
  • Is mobile accessible
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Piazza With Blackboard

Single Sign-On From Within Blackboard

Using Piazza with Blackboard is very convenient:
  • Instructors can create a Piazza for their class with a single click.

  • Students and instructors are automatically enrolled with appropriate roles, based on the course roster.

  • When clicking on Piazza in Blackboard, users are automatically signed in to Piazza, so there's no need to remember a separate user name and password.

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