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Purpose - Built to Save You Time.

  • Engage Students
    to create the best answer in real time
  • Eliminate
    redundant student emails
  • Automatically Track
    student participation
  • Effortlessly Share
    course materials
  • Trusted
    by over 12,000 instructors
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IIT Classes Using Piazza

60 Instructors and 1136 Students at IIT use Piazza in 142 Classes

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Professors ♥ Piazza

60 Instructors and 1136 Students at IIT use Piazza in 142 Classes

Mattox BeckmanComputer Science, IIT

Piazza is powerful enough to manage course communication and light weight, very fast, and convenient to use. Interaction and navigation are quick, and refreshingly free of unnecessary layers of bureaucracy. Our ""official product"" is Blackboard (unnecessary layers of bureaucracy), and one thing I like about Piazza is that the dev team seems interested in finding out how to make the product useful to the instructor, rather than finding out how to make the instructor fit into the product. :/

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Lyle UngarComputer Science, Penn

I love using Piazza for answering student questions; the user interface is unbelievably nicer than anything else I've seen. It is easy to enter text and easy to see what questions need answering; It is just easy to use.

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Surjit ChandhokeBiology, Yale

Thank you for Piazza! It has been an excellent resource for our new introductory biology courses here at Yale. Piazza is a great forum for those students who are too shy to ask questions in class and who post anonymously - and then this benefits all the students who read the answers. Plus, I have had students say that they love how quickly their questions get answered, instead of waiting for office hours or the next lecture.

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Lawrence AngraveComputer Science, UIUC

Piazza is the best discussion forum I've ever used in my 400-strong enrollment class (CS125). It encourages students to work together and to discuss concepts and misconceptions together in a timely, coherent and easily searchable format. If you're not using Piazza to help your students learn and deeply connect with the course content - then your students are missing out and the ability for yourself, TAs and others to support individual students and the class as a whole will be diminished.

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Piazza Compared to Blackboard

5050 Professors at 52 Schools with Blackboard prefer Piazza

Pooja Sankar
Piazza Founder & CEO
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Compared to Blackboard, Piazza...
  • Eliminates student emails
  • Unlocks true collaboration
  • Provides a single answer
  • Integrates course pages
  • Is mobile accessible
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Piazza With Blackboard

Single Sign-On From Within Blackboard

Using Piazza with Blackboard is very convenient:
  • Instructors can create a Piazza for their class with a single click.

  • Students and instructors are automatically enrolled with appropriate roles, based on the course roster.

  • When clicking on Piazza in Blackboard, users are automatically signed in to Piazza, so there's no need to remember a separate user name and password.

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