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PSU Classes Using Piazza

203 Instructors and 9858 Students at PSU use Piazza in 308 Classes

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Professors ♥ Piazza

203 Instructors and 9858 Students at PSU use Piazza in 308 Classes

Stephen Van HookPhysics, PSU

I used it in PHYS 212 and it was extremely helpful as an unofficial course website since our official website is so out of date that simple things like posting files is a pain. The flexibility of Piazza allowed me to create a weekly guide to activities (a "pin"ned note) that not only told the students what the activities were but also how they fit together. And I could post all relevant course materials as attachments on that note. So this was extremely helpful.

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Eric HudsonPhysics, PSU

In a class of 1000 students it is hard to imagine getting even a few percent of them to come to my office hours each week, to identify where they are having problems and to get the repeated tutored practice that they really need to learn the material. Piazza brings the office hour experience online to the entire class. I can quickly see where students are having the most difficulty based on how many tune in to each of the discussions and on the quality of the questions and student provided answers. I can then easily communicate not only with the student asking a question but with the multitude “listening in” to the answer. With its facilitation of peer instruction, ease of use for communication and powerful feedback for the instructor, I find Piazza to be the most useful tool for improving learning since the introduction of clickers.

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Lyle UngarComputer Science, Penn

I love using Piazza for answering student questions; the user interface is unbelievably nicer than anything else I've seen. It is easy to enter text and easy to see what questions need answering; It is just easy to use.

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Surjit ChandhokeBiology, Yale

Thank you for Piazza! It has been an excellent resource for our new introductory biology courses here at Yale. Piazza is a great forum for those students who are too shy to ask questions in class and who post anonymously - and then this benefits all the students who read the answers. Plus, I have had students say that they love how quickly their questions get answered, instead of waiting for office hours or the next lecture.

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Piazza Compared to Angel

Pooja Sankar
Piazza Founder & CEO
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Compared to Angel, Piazza...
  • Eliminates student emails
  • Unlocks true collaboration
  • Provides a single answer
  • Integrates course pages
  • Is mobile accessible
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Piazza With Angel

Single Sign-On From Within Angel

Using Piazza with Angel is very convenient:
  • Instructors can create a Piazza for their class with a single click.

  • Students and instructors are automatically enrolled with appropriate roles, based on the course roster.

  • When clicking on Piazza in Angel, users are automatically signed in to Piazza, so there's no need to remember a separate user name and password.

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