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Videos Posted Thursdays, January 14th – March 11th, 2013

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Entrepreneurship through the Lens of Venture Capital

What’s the big idea? Should I get funding from angels, superangels, VC’s, or use my personal credit card? How do I build a sales oriented culture? What happens when I need to fire the CEO? What’s the customer value equation? How do I build my board of directors? How do I deal with hyper growth? Should I go international or get acquired?

The course explores how successful startups navigate funding, managing, and scaling their new enterprise. This process is explored through guest lectures and mentorship from experienced venture capital investors and seasoned entrepreneurs who manage these issues on a daily basis in Silicon Valley. Course themes: customer value equation, board management, market strategy, company culture, and hyper growth.


  • Bill Coleman
  • Tom Kosnik
  • David Hornik

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