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The Piazza Team

Since 2010, Piazza has grown into one of the world’s largest learning platforms, with over a million course enrollments per year. Quite simply, we have changed the way students and professors collaborate outside the classroom. We’re now revolutionizing college recruiting by connecting the most innovative companies (Palantir, Square, Yelp, and many more) directly with our students using the Piazza platform. Our disruptive potential, both in recruiting and education technologies, has garnered widespread press, including features in Forbes, USA Today, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

At Piazza you’ll get all the usual benefits of working at one of Silicon Valley’s hottest start-ups: sterling investors (Khosla, Sequoia, Bessemer), great perks (free food, free laundry, weekly ultimate frisbee), an awesome location (the heart of downtown Palo Alto), and talented and passionate co-workers. You’ll get something more, though. When you join Piazza, you’re helping to make the lives of millions of college students better. You’re transforming the way students do their coursework by enabling them to get unstuck anytime, anywhere. And you’re creating opportunities for students to discover the right companies at which to start their careers.

If you’re looking to work at a company with an incredible product, inspiring leaders and teammates, passionate users, and a deep mission to change the world of education, we’d love to hear from you.

Software Engineer

Full Stack Software Engineer Craftsperson

Sure, every kid had Legos. But most kids would stop building in order to eat. You were so focused that sometimes adults wondered whether there might be something wrong with you. But there was never anything wrong that a little bit of time alone reassembling something wouldn't cure. Maybe you made your way through model airplanes and electronics kits. We're pretty sure you built a robot.

At school you were probably an amazing student -- when you remembered to do your schoolwork. Sometimes teachers would tell your parents that if you applied yourself, there's nothing you couldn't do. By high school you'd probably figured out that you didn't need to work very hard to get A's, and that left you time to do what you wanted to do.

Was it then that you discovered code?

Whenever it was, your encounter with code changed you. You've always loved building things, but when you coded you felt like you could build a universe. Not that you're an egotist. But in code you found a mode of expression that was less constrained than any craft you'd ever known. And as you did it more, you developed not just technical skill, but an aesthetic sense. When people started talking about "code smells," you knew exactly what they meant.

Now you're looking for your next adventure. Maybe you've come to realize that perfect code is impossible, but beautiful code that serves its users well creates a feeling of supreme delight in you. And you've probably decided that having others coding with you increases the pleasure you take in it. Not hundreds of people, or even dozens. But a few great ones.

Sound like you?

Designer Artistic Altruist

You've never quite understood that stereotype of the tortured artist. For you, art has always been an outlet, a pleasure, a way you could share something of yourself with the world. And you've always enjoyed sharing because you like the effect your creativity has on others.

You've done a lot of different kinds of art in your life. Maybe it's sewing, or illustration, or music. Maybe you have a thing for cake decoration or woodcarving or chalking sidewalks.

In your heart, you know that there's kind of a show-off quality to designing things. Not that your creations are flashy, but ever since you were a little kid you've loved the feeling of having someone smile and say, "Wow! How did you do that?"

Maybe you don't quite remember when you decided that designing user experiences for computers would be interesting. You probably saw something on a screen that was just wrong and determined you could do better. Or maybe you used something that was just so right that you began to understand how much influence you could have on people's everyday lives.

Now you see the world differently from the way most people do. You see the harmonies that create beauty. You see how simple forms delight people. When you see something that looks wrong, you fix it in your mind, just because.

You're picky about the things you work on these days. There's a lot of flashy stuff, but not a lot of stuff that really makes people's lives better. And that matters to you, because you learned long ago that the ability to create something that helps someone is your deepest inspiration.

Sound like you?
Product Pro

Product Pro Aspiring Visionary

When you were in college, you had a hard time choosing a major because everything was so interesting. And, let's not beat around the bush here – you were good at everything, too. Better at Biology than the pre-meds, coding with the best of the CS students, writing well enough to be on the school newspaper, and every bit the debater that your pre-law friends were.

Maybe you made up your own major because nothing on offer was broad enough to contain your rampaging intellectual curiosity. Or maybe you majored in something weird where people said, "What are you going to do with that?" and you answered, "I'm going to live with it."

Maybe you’ve done a few different things in your career. You’ve excelled, but the biggest difference between when you were happy and when you weren’t was your level of passion. And you can’t get passionate about narrow jobs.

Now you're looking for the next big thing. You want to use your left brain and your right brain -- your technical aptitude and your creative side. A great day for you is when you make some code work in the morning, and then lead a book club discussion in the afternoon.

And you want to share. Because one thing you've discovered in your life is that you like to be out there, in front of people, talking about things that matter to you. You're not just a talker, though. You can tell when people have substance behind them and when they don't, and you're not the wheeler-dealer type. Whatever you do next, you're going to be sincere, knowledgeable, and passionate.

Because that's how you've always been.

Sound like you?
Extroverted Polymath

Sales Champion

Piazza Careers is a huge hit! Large enterprises around the world are jumping on board. Be prepared to interface with CTOs, CIOs, CHROs, and heads of global Talent Acquisition to help them attract the transformational, emerging talent that will be the leaders of the future. You’ll prospect and sell into the largest companies and organizations in the world so you’ll need some serious experience and be cool under pressure. If you’re looking to be challenged every day, make a huge impact, and help define a new industry, then this job is for you.

You are:

  • A great salesperson with a proven track record. Average doesn’t cut it. We have a high-achieving culture, and you’ll need to be at the top of your game. SaaS and Recruitment AdTech experience is a huge plus.
  • An entrepreneur at heart. You’ll have to demonstrate the highest degree of quick-thinking, intuition, and empathy in every sales meeting in order to be successful.
  • Highly collaborative and team oriented. We’re a small but mighty team - we value people that are humble, care a lot about their teammates, and put the needs of the business above their own.
  • Highly driven to be successful. We want seasoned professionals who can run a mean business. People who will not stop until they figure out how to get the job done thrive here.
Sound like you?
Extroverted Polymath

Business Operations Extroverted Polymath

Growing up, you were always flexible and quick to think on your feet. Last minute change of plans? Unexpected rainstorm or cancellation? Not a problem, you already had a Plan B…and a Plan C. This quality helped you excel throughout college – when you got stuck on a problem or hit a dead-end, your first instinct was to think outside the box. You sought out creative solutions. Rather than wonder, "Why?" you asked yourself, "How?"

Your ability to quickly adapt and move forward in the face of challenges always impressed your peers, professors, and employers. You're eager to wear many hats – one evening you may be crunching numbers and managing finances, while another you are meticulously scheduling every hour for the next 3 months. Being organized has always come naturally to you. You thrive on the opportunity to work directly with customers, engaging them through your creative approaches. You enjoy meeting new people just as much as you enjoy learning new skills, and you never take your eye off the prize.

You're focused on reaching the end goal. Business Operations is for the Jack – or Jill – of all trades. Every company needs one.

Sound like you?

Culture Fit

The Piazza Team

We're looking for successful people who are looking not only to succeed, but to do something important. We're looking for talented people who believe that education can be more meaningful, more collaborative, and more democratic. In a word: better. We're looking for people who get really excited by products that fit their function beautifully, spread by word of mouth because they're sweet, and engage their users for hours at a time. We're looking for people who love to challenge themselves: to move faster; to code cleaner; to take leadership roles; to make big decisions. We're looking for people with interests. We spend a lot of time together, and we like to have fun. And engage. We are singers, and artists, and historians. We all love learning. We're looking for people who love our product. We're fortunate that thousands of talented people use Piazza every day and want to improve it. It would be great if you felt that way.

Still interested? Apply now! Don't think of these roles as hard and fast. As you can probably guess, we're still flexible enough that there are no job classifications here, and we like people who are happy about that.