FERPA Compliance

At Piazza, we take students' privacy very seriously. Universities have verified our compliance with Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regulations, and of course we never sell students' information to third parties. But even more than that, we designed Piazza to create an environment where all students can feel comfortable participating because we identified the "fear of sounding dumb" as one of the key reasons students reject conventional forums and mailing lists.

With Piazza:

  • Students’ email addresses and course enrollment information are only accessible to instructors of the class.
  • A student can post so she remains anonymous to her classmates, or even to the instructor if the instructor allows that option.
  • Students may ask their instructors to enroll them in a class using a non-identifying e-mail address, and may use a pseudonym.

We believe Piazza offers students more privacy and control than the mailing lists and forums commonly in use on campuses today. The proof of students' comfort with the tool is their level of engagement. Classes that use Piazza have higher rates of participation than classes that employ other solutions, precisely because the tool is designed around all students’ needs.

For more information about user privacy on Piazza, read our Privacy Policy.