Professor Jennifer Schwartz
Department of Chemistry
“Many of the students who ask questions on Piazza just wouldn't get the opportunity to ask them otherwise.”
Professor Ron Lee
Department of Economics
“I think it impoverishes the learning environment if students don't talk to other students. Piazza makes it very easy to get a discussion going.”
Professor Slobodan Simic
Department of Mathematics
“Nowadays, colleagues tell me that their students always ask, 'Are we going to use Piazza?' It's sort of an expected thing now.”
Paul Hegarty
Department of Computer Science
“In the last few years, Piazza has replaced my entire website.”
Professor Lorena Barba
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
“It’s the center for communicating with my students at GW, for keeping everybody up to date and answering questions.”
Professor Jeff Offutt
Department of Computer Science
“Students can even work together to modify the same posting, which is just a terrific idea that helps discussion come alive.”
Ming Chow
Department of Computer Science
“I forget which class I first used Piazza for. But I loved it. Immediately.”
Professor Bob Neer
Department of History
“It structured our class discussion. There is no other software platform I'm aware of that would make that easy to do.”
Emily Grad
Founder, CEO
“I don’t know of another course, or another service, that connects high school students to people outside their school buildings like this.”