LMS Integration

Join the growing number of schools that use Piazza within their LMS, including:

Unlock Piazza in Your LMS

Using Piazza with your Learning Management System (LMS) is very convenient:

  • Instructors can create a Piazza for their class with a single click.
  • Students and instructors are automatically enrolled with appropriate roles, based on the course roster.
  • When clicking on Piazza in the LMS, users are automatically signed in to Piazza, so there's no need to remember a separate user name and password.

Want to Unlock Piazza in Your LMS?

Most LMSs already support Piazza: Blackboard, Moodle, Sakai, Desire2Learn, Canvas, Jenzabar, Angel, and more. Unlock Piazza as an alternative to the clunky, dated discussion boards that came with your LMS.

Download simple instructions to set up your LMS here:

or put us in touch with the LMS admin at your school.

Piazza is FERPA-compliant, accessible, and works with a wide range of LMS platforms.