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Just as Piazza was born out of my deeply personal struggle to get help when I was stuck as a shy student (one of few women in my Computer Science class), the Piazza Network is born out of the challenges I faced grappling with what to do with my life - how and where to pursue my passions.

Piazza Q&A is the classroom discussion product that over 100,000 professors have chosen. Millions of students in thousands of universities in 90 countries are using Piazza. Piazza Q&A is governed by FERPA - neither student data nor their class content is shared with third parties, and this data is protected by FERPA. The Piazza Network is a careers-oriented product. Students have the ability (but not the requirement) to opt-in to the Piazza Network (via an active opt-in selection process) as part of the Piazza sign up flow. Subsequent to opting in, students have the ability to opt-out at any time.

Should they opt-in, the Piazza Network enables students and employers to connect. Students can contact employers directly, interact with content that employers have created for them, and also search for students and alumni with similar (or different) backgrounds and experiences to explore career opportunities and career guidance. The Piazza Network also enables employers to search for students that might be good fits for their diverse opportunities. Employers can search based on information that students fill out directly in their Piazza profile (graduation year, major, awards, job experience, etc) and information students choose to share from Piazza Q&A. Opted-in students can always control what specific information is and is not shared with employers. No class content is ever shared with employers— just metadata on the class (academic term, class number/title, role [TA vs student]).

In practice this means employers can ask questions like (real example): who are the students that opted into the Piazza Network who are graduating in Dec 2019 who are Film Majors and have taken at least one advanced CS class?

If you believe your students can benefit from connecting with employers who are seeking talent for their organizations, please encourage them to check it out.

We at Piazza take our obligations to our community of students, professors, and institutions of higher education very seriously. We cherish and safeguard the privacy of our community. Should you or any member of your institution have concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to email our team at

I sincerely hope Piazza enhances your experience as a student, as a TA, and as a professor.

— Pooja Sankar, Piazza Founder

I encourage you to circulate this link as you encourage young women in your classes to pursue accomplishments in STEM fields: my recent award with the Anita Borg Women of Vision for Tech Entrepreneurship

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