Faculty Note to Introduce Piazza

Dear CTLs,

We’ve put together a toolkit for professors to get started with Piazza — and with that, a template you might use in introducing Piazza to faculty on your campus, should this be helpful as you serve to be a resource to them. As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, comments, or suggestions at team@piazza.com if we can help in any way!

Warm regards,
The Piazza Team

Dear Faculty,

Piazza is an intuitive platform that facilitates online Q&A discussions.

Faculty report that Piazza saves them time. When students post their questions on Piazza, instructors or TAs respond to each unique question just once - instead of answering the same question multiple times over email.

Once a class becomes active on Piazza, students often contribute answers to each other's questions on their own. Instructors can endorse or correct a response posted by the community to give confidence that it’s backed by the teaching staff.

Students who would otherwise not actively participate or seek out help (be they too shy or geographically distant) can find their voice in the classroom and get the assistance they need through Piazza’s anonymous posting function, should instructors choose to enable it. Collaboration on Piazza stimulates discussion and active learning long after lecture ends.

Visit their Professor Toolkit page to get started with Piazza for your class. Should you need any help setting up, you can contact them at team@piazza.com.

Warm regards,
The CTL Department