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The Best Software for Class Q&A We've Ever Met.

Piazza is a free online gathering place where students can come together to ask, answer, and explore under the guidance of their instructors. With Piazza, you can easily answer questions, manage course materials, and track student participation.

  • Save Time.

    No more wading through emails that are asking the same question over and over. Focus directly on the questions that matter most to students.

  • Engage Students.

    Don't make students suffer through a big course using outdated tools. Help students encourage each other through a platform they enjoy.

  • Don't Sweat It.

    Piazza is free and safe, with no commitment needed from you and nothing to install. No IT Department needed—you can decide to use Piazza.

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Resources for Instructors

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See how people are using Piazza in your subject area: CS, Engineering, Physics, Math, Chemistry, and Biology.

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Read some tips we collect from other instructors at our blog.

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Instructor FAQ

Check out a list of commonly asked questions here.

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Browse our help pages and check out a couple tutorial videos.

What Instructors Are Saying

Dan Garcia, Professor of EECS, UC Berkeley

Dan Garcia

EE & Computer Science, UC Berkeley

Piazza has become the single source of truth about all our course-related information. I've never seen a tool that so directly hits the nail on the head in terms of every information-flow problem I've been struggling with for the 19 years I've been teaching.

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Charles Leiserson, Professor of EE & Computer Science, MIT

Charles Leiserson

EE & Computer Science, MIT

My algorithms course has a take-home exam that goes over a weekend. One student wrote in anonymously on Piazza to complain that it interfered with a big event at their fraternity. Before I could answer the question, several other students wrote in to tell the complaining student to stop whining, that there's plenty of time for the exam if they only budget their time, that all students have conflicts during the term, and why are they special?, etc. In the past, I've always had to respond myself, drawing a fine line between being understanding and telling the student to be reasonable. With Piazza the complaining student's peers did this work for me.

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Srini Devadas, Professor of EE & Computer Science, MIT

Srini Devadas

EE & Computer Science, MIT

As a lecturer for a large class at MIT, what I like best about Piazza is that my teaching assistants spend significantly less time answering repetitious questions from students, or correcting simple errors. Now they can spend more time helping me create new material for the class.

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John Ousterhout, Professor of Computer Science, Stanford University

John Ousterhout

Computer Science, Stanford University

We were very happy with Piazza in CS 142 so I'd give it a strong positive recommendation. It's easy-to-use, the students really enjoyed it (particularly in comparison to the newsgroup approach we used in previous offerings of the class), it was reliable, and the course staff liked it. We'll definitely use it again.

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Greg Morrisett, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, Harvard University

Greg Morrisett

Computer Science and Engineering, Harvard University

Piazza has proven to be an ideal forum for my class. Compared to conventional bulletin boards, the design makes it much easier for students to find relevant posts, and for my staff and me to keep track of outstanding questions. On top of this, the folks at Piazza have been wonderfully supportive and very responsive to our needs.

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Pieter Abbeel, Professor of Computer Science, UC Berkeley

Pieter Abbeel

Computer Science, UC Berkeley

Piazza has been a substantial upgrade to our prior use of newsgroups for communication with and amongst the students in the class. Piazza attracts significantly higher student participation and has enabled us to better encourage and reward such participation through features such as the "good question" and "good answer" as well as the collection of statistics on student participation.

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